How to Find the X-Intercept of a Circle?

Answer The x-intercept of a circle represents the point at which a circle touches the x-axis. To find the x-intercept, you must use the equation for a circle, which is (X - H)^2 + (Y - K)^2 = R^2. X repre... Read More »

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How to Find the Y-Intercept of a Circle?

The word "intercept" means crossing point, and the y-intercept of a graph refers to the point at which the equation crosses the y-axis of the coordinate plane. When a point is on the y-axis, it is ... Read More »

How to Find the Slope X-Intercept & Y-Intercept for More Than One Line on a Graph?

When you are graphing lines, you must know certain information. The slope, x-intercept and y-intercept serve as integral parts of the line equation and tell you valuable information about the place... Read More »

How to Find Slope With the Given X-Intercept & Y-Intercept?

The x-intercept and y-intercept of a line are the points at which the line crosses the x and y axes. Given these two points, you can find the slope of the line. There is a specific formula for find... Read More »

A circle is 2106 sq ft. find the radius of the circle to the nearest foot (use 3.14 for pi)?

Since area = r*r*pi, and we want to find the radius, let's set this up like an equation, using r as the variable that represents the radius (and the value we're looking for). Let's also write it as... Read More »