How to Find the WLAN Password Without Resetting?

Answer Resetting your computer's wireless router reverts the unit back to its original settings. Because the unit shipped with no password already assigned for the network, the password you had will be re... Read More »

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How to find the password of someone on facebook without paying and without software?

that isnt possible, and in fact it's illegalany site claiming to be able to do it is just scamming you

My iphone keeps telling me that my password is wrong, even after resetting it and syncing up. I cannot send em?

Plug into your computer and reset it that way. Either that or go to your local Apple store or call Apple themselves and they will be more than happy to help you.

How do you find out the password to your Direct TV without calling in or guessing?

Is there a way to change the IP address without resetting everything?

It all depends on what kind of IP Address is assigned by your ISP Provider. If its a Static IP, it cannot change under normal circumstances, even if you unplug your router a million times. If it's ... Read More »