How to Find the Volume in a Pipette?

Answer A pipette is often used in science. It has the same function of an eye dropper. The pipette can hold a certain amount of a liquid. The amount of a liquid it can hold is known as its volume. You cou... Read More »

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How to Use a Transfer Pipette?

Transfer pipettes serve the scientific community's need to move liquids between containers or onto microscope slides. Size and quality vary greatly, from small, cheap, plastic transfer pipettes at ... Read More »

How to Do Pipette Calibration?

Pipettes are necessary equipment often used in chemical laboratories to measure and transfer specific amount of liquid. Pipettes are essentially narrow tube like equipment with a rubber bulb at the... Read More »

How to Read a Serological Pipette?

In a hospital or a science lab, people use serological pipettes to precisely measure small volumes of liquid. While many pipettes have a dial you can set to draw the exact amount of liquid into th... Read More »

How to Find the Volume of a Parallelogram?

A parallelogram refers to a four-sided figure that has two sets of parallel and congruent sides. For example, a square is a parallelogram. However, not all parallelograms are squares because parall... Read More »