How to Find the Volume in 3D Figures?

Answer The volume for many three-dimensional figures can be found through specific geometric formulas. Each simple and basic three-dimensional object has a set of linear measurements, which when combined ... Read More »

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How to Find the Logarithm of a Number Using Four Figures?

A logarithm is a fancy equation involving bases and exponents. Although the word and the subject matter (most logarithms are used in pre-calculus or physics) can be intimidating, logarithms are act... Read More »

How to Find the Area for Uneven Figures?

If you are measuring the square footage of a home or a section of land, the area to be measured may not lay out as a square, rectangles, triangles, circles or other common shapes. However, you can ... Read More »

Do you find Wikipedia to be very inacurrate with Facts and Figures?

I agree with para. No one should rely solely on a single source for anything simply because every source usually introduces its own inaccuracies, etc.. Cross-referencing is always a good thing.To a... Read More »

Where can i find my IP address,subnet mask & gateway figures?

click startruntype CMDthen when that box openstype in ipconfig /all