How to Find the Value of Old Dolls?

Answer There is a niche of people who have devoted their lives to collecting valuable, old dolls. Although most of these collectors do it for the joy the dolls bring them, there are those that buy dolls ... Read More »

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How to Value Barbie Dolls?

As money becomes tight and the economy weakens, you may decide to sell your Barbie collection. As the financial value depends on numerous factors, it is ideal to learn how to value your Barbie doll... Read More »

How to Find the Correct Date of Shirley Temple Dolls?

In 1934, the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company produced what was to become one of the top-selling dolls during the Depression Era --- the Shirley Temple doll. Designed by Bernard Lipfert, the doll was ... Read More »

Where can I find a mobile home value or mobile home blue book value for free?

I have looked around quite a bit, there is a company called JCF Acceptance that will provide a free mobile home value if you are a customer or in the process of becoming a customer. There book out ... Read More »

How to Find the Value of Old Cars?

You might run into difficulty when trying to find the value of an old car. An old car could be a classic or just one that is no longer in the appraisal books. If you have a classic or collector's c... Read More »