How to Find the V-Belt Size?

Answer V-belts have a triangular or trapezoidal cross-section. This shape forms a "V." V-belts are frequently used in power transmission applications. You can find them in automobiles, other mechanized eq... Read More »

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Can you to replace lap belt in the middle back seat with lap belt for the children to be safe Can this be done and where does one find someone that will do this?

yes you can. vauxhalls are the worst to go faulty. any breakers yard be happy to get the bits you need. and a local garage would happily fit . if you do it yourself you will normally need a spline ... Read More »

Where can I find a string bikini in size XXXXXL I've tried looking on the Plus-Size sites but....?

I'm really into fatties, and they are very hard to find. Your best bet is to buy a lycra-spandex string bikini a few sizes too small then stretch it to fit. Yum

How to Size a V-Belt?

V-belts have a multitude of functions in the automotive, agricultural and industrial sectors. V-belts can propel a simple machine or intricate parts of a vehicle, such as the water pump, alternator... Read More »

How to Size a Fan Belt?

Fan belts are essential for providing cooling to a wide range of engines. Most people are familiar with car fan belts, but generators and a multitude of household appliances, such as washing machin... Read More »