How to Find the Unknown Length of a Rectangle?

Answer The properties of a rectangle allow you to determine unknown dimensions, such as length, using other known information, such as perimeter, area and width. A rectangle is a four-sided figure that is... Read More »

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How do you find the area of a rectangle whose leng2The width of a photograph is 4 cm more than three tenths of the length If the width is 13 cm find the length?

How to Find the Length of Diagonals in a Rectangle?

A rectangle not only has exterior length measurements, but interior ones as well. The diagonals of a rectangle are two intersecting lines that connect the rectangle's opposite corners. Because each... Read More »

My stove was left on for an unknown length of time...?

If it was a gas stove just let the house air out. It's probably in your head. I've cooked with my gas stove on for 6 hours. Doesn't leak carbon monoxide. The furnace does. Just open a few windows.... Read More »

How to Find the Scale Length or String Length of a Violin, Fiddle, Viola, Cello or Upright Bass?

You can learn how to correctly measure the scale or string length of a Violin, Fiddle, Viola, Cello or Upright Bass by following these tips.