How to Find the Unit Price for 6th Grade Math?

Answer The unit cost represents the price of one item. You can divide the total price by the number of items to get the unit cost. Unit cost should be stated in terms of the given unit such as a foot, a y... Read More »

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How to Find a Math Tutor for Sixth-Grade Math Near North Hollywood, California?

Obtaining tutoring assistance during the elementary school years, in subjects such as math and English, is an ideal tool that helps students establish study habits. Tutoring can also catch and corr... Read More »

6th Grade Math: How to Find the Area?

In the 6th grade you will learn basic geometry, including simple shapes, such as: squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms and circles. You will have to calculate the area of these shapes usi... Read More »

How to Find the GCF for Fifth Grade Math?

GCF stands for greatest common factor, a term used to describe the largest number that two other numbers can be divided by evenly. Besides finding the GCF for your math homework, you might also wan... Read More »

How to Find the Volume in 8th Grade Math?

The volume of a shape tells you how much space is inside that shape. If you had a beach ball, for example, the volume would tell you how much space is inside that ball. To find the volume, you firs... Read More »