How to Find the Total Distance Traveled in Calculus?

Answer You can find the total distance traveled by an object in two- or multi-dimensional space by using integral calculus. Integration is a mathematical tool for finding distances, volumes and areas of c... Read More »

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How to Find Total Distance?

Total distance is a simple calculation that can use addition or multiplication. It's useful for road trips, moves and other travel. Once you know the total distance something has gone, you can use ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Distance Traveled Along a Path?

Your tape measure doesn't stretch far enough? No matter. You can calculate the distance along a path with basic household items.

How to Calculate the Distance Traveled by an Object Using Vector Kinematics?

Have you ever wondered how far a bullet would travel if you knew the angle of launch and the bullet’s initial velocity? This can be done if you follow the following six easy steps!

How to Use Calculus to Find Velocity?

The velocity of an object is its speed in a specific direction. Speed does not have a direction. Calculus is used to find the velocity in two ways. Taking the integral of the instantaneous accelera... Read More »