How to Find the Square Inches of a Cube?

Answer A cube is a six-sided geometric figure with congruent side lengths, such as a die. The surface area of a cube, which represents the combined area of each side, can be measured in square inches. To ... Read More »

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How many 9 inch square floor tiles are needed to cover a rectangular floor that measures 144 inches by 180 inches?

2880 exactly, but if this is ceramic tiles you have to account for grout lines. extras would be recommended

The Conversion of Square Inches to Square Feet?

Knowing how to convert square inches to square feet is a must for those who want to remodel their homes. That's because building structures are often measured in units of square feet, but the mater... Read More »

How to Convert Square Inches to Square Centimeters?

A square inch, primarily used in the United States or England, stands for a unit of measurement of an area. The International System of Units (SI) defines the square meter to express an area size; ... Read More »

How to convert square inches to square feet?

Total square inches divided by 144 = square ft.