How to Find the Speed of a Projectile?

Answer The trajectory of a projectile traces out a parabolic shape. So, to the casual observer, it may appear that its motion involves some difficult mathematics. However, you can simplify the math by con... Read More »

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Who made the first projectile?

Projectiles were first created at least 50,000 years ago by early human ancestors Cro Magnon man. Scientists have discovered that a projectile was used to kill a Neanderthal man that died between 5... Read More »

How to Do an Egg Projectile Project?

The goal of an egg projectile project is to move an egg quickly from point A to point B without breaking or otherwise harming a raw egg. There are many ways to keep an egg from breaking, but not so... Read More »

How to Have a Really Good Projectile Fight?

Ever wondered how you can fight someone without using your fists? Or got into a fight when you were little, but didn't win? Here are steps that just might help you win that fight.

Who made the first projectile weapon?

The first projectile weapons, including the spear, were developed more than 50,000 years ago by cro magnon man. Scientists have discovered a neanderthal was murdered using a projectile weapon and n... Read More »