How to Find the Speed of a Projectile?

Answer The trajectory of a projectile traces out a parabolic shape. So, to the casual observer, it may appear that its motion involves some difficult mathematics. However, you can simplify the math by con... Read More »

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How to Do an Egg Projectile Project?

The goal of an egg projectile project is to move an egg quickly from point A to point B without breaking or otherwise harming a raw egg. There are many ways to keep an egg from breaking, but not so... Read More »

How to Calculate the Distance of a Projectile?

You can easily calculate the horizontal distance that a projectile will travel if you know the right equation to use. The distance of a projectile is dependent upon three critical factors: its init... Read More »

Who made the first projectile?

Projectiles were first created at least 50,000 years ago by early human ancestors Cro Magnon man. Scientists have discovered that a projectile was used to kill a Neanderthal man that died between 5... Read More »

Projectile discharge! Is my vagina vomiting?

discharging when ur pregnant is normal but if it has a smell u might need to go the doctor and get it checked u could have an infection in ur cervix or a yeast infection.