How to Find the Slope of Perpendicular Lines?

Answer All lines on a graph have a slope, or the angle at which it rises or falls. Slope is found by using the units on a graph. A line can have either a positive or negative slope, meaning the line eithe... Read More »

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How to Find a Perpendicular Slope?

Perpendicular lines intersect one another at 90-degree angles. The slope of a line charts its vertical climb or descent over a specified horizontal distance. The slopes of perpendicular lines can b... Read More »

How to Find Perpendicular Slope With Two Coordinates?

Two points will not only give you the slope of a line that connects them, but also the slope of a perpendicular line. In the two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, each point has two coordina... Read More »

How to Find Slopes of Perpendicular & Parallel Lines?

The slope of a line measures how steeply the line goes up or down. The larger the slope, the more rapid the increase. Parallel lines are found in the same plane but will never intersect. Perpendicu... Read More »

Ways to Make Parallel Lines & Perpendicular Lines?

According to Euclid, a straight line goes on forever. When there is more than one line in a plane, the situation becomes more interesting. If two lines never intersect, the lines are parallel. If t... Read More »