How to Find the Shortest Side of a Triangle With Vertices?

Answer A triangle is a geometrical figure that has three sides. Several rules and theorems govern the relationship between the sides, angles and vertices of a triangle. In geometry, the shortest side of a... Read More »

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How to Find the Area of a Triangle From Its Vertices?

To find the area of a triangle where you know the x and y coordinates of the three vertices, you'll need to use the coordinate geometry formula: area = the absolute value of Ax(By - Cy) + Bx(Cy - A... Read More »

How to Find the Length of the Side of a Triangle?

Triangles are two-dimensional shapes that are characterized by three sides. Whether you are a high school student in geometry class or an architect attempting to outline a building, finding the le... Read More »

How to Find a Side of a Triangle in Geometry?

Geometry is the study of shapes, both two dimensional and three dimensional. A triangle can have three sides of any length as long as each end of each side touches the ends of the two other sides. ... Read More »

How to Find the Side Length of a Right Triangle?

Working with the sides and angles of a triangle are a large part of learning math and geometry. A right triangle is one that has an angle of 90 degrees, meaning the two shorter sides are perpendicu... Read More »