How to Find the Secret Level on World 8 on "Super Mario Bros." for the Wii?

Answer "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" is a side-scrolling game similar to the original "Super Mario Bros." for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A game rated highly by both the press and regular players, "N... Read More »

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Where is the secret exit in world 2-4 on Super Mario Bros?

The secret exit is behind a wall near the end of the level. Look for a floating section holding a sign with a right-pointing, red arrow on it. A hard top enemy is nearby. Stand there until the wind... Read More »

Can you beat the World 7 castle in"New Super Mario Bros. DS"with Mega Mario?

Yes, you can beat the castle of World 7 in "New Super Mario Bros. DS" by using a Mega Mushroom. Obtain the mushroom from Mega Toad's house north of stage 7-1 and save it until you get to the castle... Read More »

How to Get the Third Coin on Level W2-5 on Super Mario Bros.?

"New Super Mario Bros." for the Nintendo Wii brings old-school 2-D Mario platforming to a new generation of consoles. Favorites like enemy Koopa Troopas and power-up mushrooms return. The game adds... Read More »

How to Get Through New Super Mario Bros Wii Levels Without Knowing the Level Very Well?

Sometimes you want to get through a level, but it's too hard. You don't even know the level! But don't worry, this guide is here to help.