How to Find the Same Denominator?

Answer In a fraction, the denominator is the bottom or second number and the numerator is the top or first number. In order to add or subtract fractions, they must have the same denominator. The denominat... Read More »

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How to Find the Least Common Denominator of a Decimal?

Finding the least common denominator for fractions is essential if you want to add them up, as they cannot be added until their denominators are the same. Finding the least common denominator of de... Read More »

How to Find a Variable in Both the Numerator & Denominator?

Solving for variables in fractions involves many of the same steps as solving for variables in regular equations. The main difference is that equivalent fractions should first be cross-multiplied t... Read More »

How to Find the Least Common Denominator of a Pair of Fractions With Different Denominators?

A fraction consists of a set of numbers denoting the relationship of a part to a whole. The top number is referred to as the numerator, and the bottom number as the denominator. If you are going to... Read More »

How to Cancel a Denominator?

Canceling the denominator reduces a fraction in-problem, that is, before setting up and solving for a solution. To cancel a denominator, there must be a common value between the numerators within t... Read More »