How to Find the Right Torque Converter?

Answer Torque converters are rated by "stall speed," the speed the engine reaches before energy is transferred by the torque converter to the transmission. Every torque converter manufacturer rates its co... Read More »

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How to Choose the Right Stall Torque Converter?

Torque converters are more than just simple fluid clutches that allow your engine to idle; these devices are actually a case study in complex function resting upon an elegantly simple design. Torqu... Read More »

Selecting the Right Stall Speed on a Torque Converter?

Teachers often employ cross-curricular approaches to inbed lessons in students' minds. These activities are wide-reaching and allow teachers to collaborate across disciplines to provide students wi... Read More »

How to Pick the Right Torque Converter for a 350 Turbo Engine?

To the average gearhead, a torque converter's method of function seems fairly straightforward: the converter allows the engine to spin to a certain rpm before it engages the transmission. The basic... Read More »

How to Find True Torque Converter Stall Speed?

Aftermarket torque converters are rated by their stall speed. Stall speed is a number, expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm), denoting how fast the engine can turn against an immovable load. It... Read More »