How to Find the Right Short Haircut for Headbanging?

Answer Many people say that you need to have long hair for headbanging. Well, in truth, you don't. Certain haircuts for short hair are ones that you can headbang with, and its all about finding the right ... Read More »

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Having a hard time trying to find a short haircut?

i think either one of these :D and hair color doesnt matter, just get like highlights with your natural hiar color. :)…or Read More »

How to Do a Short Layered Haircut?

The layered haircut, also known as the circle cut, is a flattering cut to every face shape. Because of the versatility, this cut can work with a variety of hair types and lengths. Although this cut... Read More »

How to Cope with a Haircut That Is Too Short?

We've all had bad hair days, and they are really upsetting, but they can easily be fixed with a wash and a dry. But what can't be fixed is a bad haircut, and we've all had those too. And if you hav... Read More »

How to Maintain a Short Haircut?

Short is in, and there are a beautiful array of short hair styles to choose from. After you get the right cut for you, you must use different strategies to maintain a short haircut as opposed to a ... Read More »