How to Find the Right Guy the Second Time Around?

Answer Do you find that you've been dating all the wrong types of guys? Or perhaps you're just tired of the way the world works - seems like all good girls fall in love with a romantic idea and fall prey ... Read More »

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Why does dental floss taste better the second time around?

you're weird!by using it the second time, you are spreading bacteria from your mouth back between the teeth. defeat the purpose doesn't it?

Once you cut wheatgrass does it have any benefit a second time around if left to harvest again?

After you cut wheat grass, it will continue to grow, and the second cutting has the same properties as the first. Since wheat is not a perennial, however, you won't get many cuttings.

How to Find Love a Second Time?

Moving on from a divorce or breakup and re-entering the dating world can be an intimidating---and often overwhelming---experience. While you don't want to find a rebound relationship simply to sati... Read More »

Where can you find and download the ABC family movie This time around?

go to a website called veoh ( simply type in the title of the movie into the search bar on the website and it should be the first movie on there. the good and the bad. starting with ... Read More »