How to Find the Real Height of an Object in the Distance?

Answer In the field, there are many occasions when you need to know how tall something is, but don't have the ability to measure it. By using a clinometer and math, you can figure out the height of an obj... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Size of an Object at a Distance?

The formula used to determine the size of an object at a distance based on the distance and its angular size is known as the small angle formula. You determine the size if you know the distance awa... Read More »

How to Calculate a Distance Between You and an Object?

Tired of using a the old traditional way to know the distance separating two things? Now you have a way to do so even between two buildings, blocks,cars with simple math and a sort of device.

How to Calculate the Height for a Dropped Object?

When you drop an object, gravity causes it to accelerate as it falls to the ground. The mass of the object is irrelevant to determining how fast it falls because gravity affects all objects equally... Read More »

How to Calculate the Distance Traveled by an Object Using Vector Kinematics?

Have you ever wondered how far a bullet would travel if you knew the angle of launch and the bullet’s initial velocity? This can be done if you follow the following six easy steps!