How to Find the Perimeter of Irregular Shapes?

Answer Finding the perimeter of a shape, whether regular or irregular, can be done by following some basic rules. Perimeter is a mathematical term that refers to the distance around the outside of a shape... Read More »

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How to Teach Irregular Shapes in Math?

More important than simply learning the names of geometric shapes, students need to understand the characteristics of shapes that make them unique. This understanding of unique characteristics is t... Read More »

How to Calculate the Volume for Irregular Shapes?

Calculating the volume of shapes is usually quite simple, especially when you use simple formulas for regular shapes like triangles, rectangles or circles. However, not all shapes can be classified... Read More »

How to Find the Perimeter With a Ruler?

The perimeter is the distance around an object. If you have a ruler, this is a simple calculation. You need to know the measurement of each side of your object. Once you have the measurements for e... Read More »

How Do You Find the Perimeter of a Cube?

Finding a perimeter for a cube might seem difficult since perimeters are generally associated with two-dimensional shapes, and a cube is a classic three-dimensional object. A cube, though, can be v... Read More »