How to Find the Paint Code on a Car?

Answer Dings and scratches on automobiles are hard to avoid. Odds are, over time imperfections will surface on the paint of your car. Doing a paint touch-up over a small area is possible, but an exact mat... Read More »

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How to Find the Paint Color Code for a Cadillac?

Scratches or chips in the paint on your Cadillac can be touched up by the vehicle owner without the aid of a body shop. Using the wrong paint color can make a small problem even worse, so determini... Read More »

How to Find the Toyota Paint Code on a Rav4?

Knowing how to find the paint code of your Toyota RAV4 will help you find the right match to repair damage to the paint on your vehicle. Paint, even in basic colors like white and black, can vary s... Read More »

How to Find the Paint Code for a Ford Pickup?

Car paint jobs take a lot of wear and tear from road debris, harsh weather, dents from other cars and damage from accidents. This is especially true for pickup trucks, which are often used as work ... Read More »

How do I find auto paint color code using a vin?

Locating Your VINLocate your vehicle's ID tag that all manufacturers are required by law to place on every vehicle. The tag is usually located on the inside of the drivers door jam or frame post. C... Read More »