How to Find the Name of a Song You Heard on the Radio?

Answer So, you heard a song on the radio and you want to know what it's called, well here's how!

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I'm trying to find a country song I heard on the radio.?

Well, I would say "Home" by the Goo Goo Dolls, as it fits your description, except it isn't a country song at all!

I went on holiday in italy and heard this really nice portuguese song on the radio rds.I saw the same song on?

You can't be serious. No way to know with the little info given.

Heard Song on Radio, Don't know what it is!!?

I have a feeling you might have heard the latest from She and Him (it's Zoey Deschanel's group) . It is called "Never Wanted Your Love"You can read about them here: Read More »

What's the name of this song I heard on the radio?

It's called Astronomia by Tony Igy…