How to Find the Missing Leg of a Triangle?

Answer Finding the length of the missing side of a triangle can seem daunting. But if you are given the values for two sides of a triangle, it is easy to find the length of the third side using the Pythag... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Missing Angle in a Right Triangle?

Though the angles of a triangle are located inside of it, they do not have to remain a mystery. A triangle, also called a trigon, is a three-sided polygon. One feature that every triangle shares is... Read More »

How to Find an SAS Triangle?

Triangles, including congruency of, angles and the rotation, reflection and translation of congruent triangles, is a concept usually taught early in the study of geometry. A pair of triangles are c... Read More »

How to Find the Distance of Y in a Right Triangle?

All right triangles contain a 90-degree angle. This is the triangle's largest angle, and it is opposite to the longest side. If you have the distances of two sides or the distance of one side plus ... Read More »

How to Find the Base of a Right Triangle?

A triangle is a two dimensional figure with three sides and three corners. There are several types of special triangles -- isosceles, equilateral and a right angle. Isosceles triangles have two ang... Read More »