How to Find the Mean Proportion Between 2 Numbers?

Answer The mean proportion of any two given positive numbers is also termed the geometric mean. Unlike the more common arithmetic mean, or the "average" in which you add a set of numbers and divide by the... Read More »

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How to Find a Percent and Proportion?

Percents and proportions are common in mathematical techniques. A percent is a part of a whole, while a proportion is a ratio that is used to calculate an unknown variable in an equation. Therefore... Read More »

How to Find the Mean of Numbers?

Find the mean of these! (Yeah, I know it's just a calendar...)In math class, mean is taught usually in elementary school. Mean is basically the same thing as average. Read ahead to see how in the w... Read More »

How to Find a Ratio of Two Numbers?

Ratios represent the relationship of one number to the other. Similar to a fraction, a ratio is a basic mathematical operation that requires you to know the exact measurements of the items being co... Read More »

How to Find Oxidation Numbers?

In chemistry, oxidation refers to reactions in which an atom or group of atoms gains electrons. All atoms have oxidation numbers that can be positive, negative or 0, which tell us how many electron... Read More »