How to Find the Maximum of an Equation in Algebra 2?

Answer The maximum or minimum of an equation in Algebra II is the vertex of a quadratic equation. Quadratic equations are the algebraic representations of parabolas, and the vertex is the highest or lowes... Read More »

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How to Find the Maximum Height of the Ball With Algebra?

Finding the maximum height of a ball thrown upwards is a common algebra problem. The equation used for the problem is actually a derivation of a calculus equation for velocity, but it works well to... Read More »

Two-Step Algebra Equation Activities?

Many students struggle with algebra, which is often a requirement for high school graduation. They may be surprised to learn many algebra equations can be solved in only two steps, using math skill... Read More »

Equation for Curved Lines in Algebra?

Algebra students often have a difficult time understanding the relationship between a graph of a straight or a curved line and an equation. Because most algebra classes teach equations before graph... Read More »

How to Use a Graph to Solve an Equation in Algebra?

Graphing turns equations into pictures. Often it is easier to discover properties of equations by looking at a picture of them than by looking at the equation that was graphed. For some problems, t... Read More »