How to Find the Maximum and Minimum of a Function Algebraically?

Answer Any point where a graph changes direction is called a maximum or a minimum.

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How to Algebraically Find the Inverse of a Function?

You can think of mathematical functions, usually denoted as f(x) or g(x), as a road map of mathematical operations it takes to get you from x to y. For example, consider the function f(x) = 5x - 2.... Read More »

How to Find the Minimum and Maximum Points Using a Graphing Calculator?

Big math test coming up? Need to find local minimums or maximums? Not to fret! Easily find the minimum or maximum point of any non-linear equation using a graphing calculator.

Find the minimum sum-of-products expression for the function?

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How to Algebraically Find the Center of a Circle?

There are several ways to mathematically find the center of a circle. The algebraic method involves using the equation of a circle to find the center points. Another method involves using geometry.... Read More »