How to Find the Lattice Energy of a Compound?

Answer Lattice energy is the a measure of how strong an ionic bond is. An ionic bond is the joining together of two electrically charged atoms called ions in order to form a compound. A common example of ... Read More »

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How to Find a Lattice Parameter?

The lattice parameter of a crystal describes the dimensions of the basic building blocks of the crystal. Each building block, or unit cell, consists of atoms arranged in a particular pattern. The ... Read More »

How to Find Lattice Constant?

A lattice constant describes the spacing between adjacent unit cells in a crystal structure. The unit cells or building blocks of the crystal are three dimensional and have three linear constants t... Read More »

How to Find How Many Moles Are in a Compound?

The mole concept is a fundamental concept in chemistry, and most students who take high school chemistry will encounter it at some point. A mole is essentially a unit used to count. When you have a... Read More »

How to Find the Magnification of a Field of View in a Compound Microscope?

Compound light microscopes utilize two or more lenses to produce images of the world that the naked eye cannot see. Magnification describes the apparent enlargement of the image to the actual objec... Read More »