How to Find the Intersection of a Graph on a Ti-84 Graphing Calculator?

Answer On a regular basis, math and physics problems require a graphing calculator to find the intersection point of two graphs or the intersection point of a graph with an axis. Attempting to find these ... Read More »

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Why won't my TI-83 graphing calculator graph?

Press [Y=]. If Plot1, Plot2, or Plot3 is highlighted, simply deselect them.Alternatively, press [2nd][Y=](Stat Plot) and choose 4:PlotsOff. Press [Enter] until "Done" appears.

How to Graph a Function on a Graphing Calculator?

A function is an equation where an input quantity, "x", determines an output quantity, "y." These equations produce an infinite number of ordered pairs which can be plotted to form a graph of the e... Read More »

How to Graph Circles on a Graphing Calculator?

Entering a circle into a graphing calculator can be accomplished by converting the circle to a polar equation and then entering it into the equation editor. Polar equations have an r variable, whic... Read More »

How to Graph Ellipses on a Graphing Calculator?

Graphing calculators display the graphs of functions in the x and y coordinate plane. Plotting curves on a graphing calculator helps you estimate the points of intersection and roots. It also hel... Read More »