How to Find the Intercepts of a Line?

Answer The intercepts of a line refer to the points at which it crosses the x- and y-intercepts. The x-intercept occurs where the y-coordinate equals zero and the y-intercept occurs where the x-coordinate... Read More »

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How to Write an Equation of a Line Given Y & X Intercepts?

Just as two points make the graph of a line possible, two points create the line's equation, which is also known as a linear equation. Two of important points of a line are its x- and y-intercepts,... Read More »

How do you find intercepts?

4x - 2y =8 substitute y for 0, so you get 4x - 2(0) = 8 multiply -2 by 0, so yes, you get zero, making the equation 4x - 0 = 8 4x =8 so then you divide 8 by 4 to equal x x= 8/4 and you get your ans... Read More »

How do you find the intercepts?

The y-intercept is where x=0 and the x-intercept is where y=0. So to find the y-intercept, you plug in x=0 into the given equation: 3y=12+4*0 3y=12 y=4 To find the x-intercept, you plug in y=0 in t... Read More »

How to Find X Intercepts of a Function?

Functions are commonly used in mathematical graphing to denote the characteristics of a line or curve on a graph. A function gives a representative view of every coordinate point that it passes thr... Read More »