How to Find the IP of a Domain?

Answer Each domain name is assigned to an IP (Internet Protocol) address that allows computers to identify and contact the website. In essence, the IP address is to a domain name as a phone number is to a... Read More »

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How to Find the Domain of F for a Parabola?

Domain problems, such as the domain parabola problems, are often seen on Algebra II and Calculus tests. As far as math problems go, they are one of the easier problems to solve, as long as you unde... Read More »

How to Find the Domain of a Computer?

A Windows domain is used to manage a network of computers used for a similar purpose. Domains are commonly set up and used in a workplace environment. A domain can contain several Windows accounts ... Read More »

How to Find the Domain of a Function of X?

The ability to find the domain of a function, or the x-values for which the function is "defined" and forms a real number, is a crucial skill in Algebra II and beyond. Finding the domain is relativ... Read More »

How to Find Out Who Registered a Domain?

Finding out who registered a domain name can be simple or almost impossible. It all depends on whether the person who registered it signed up for private domain name registration or not. The law sa... Read More »