How to Find the IP Address With an Ubuntu Server?

Answer An Ubuntu server, by default, does not have a graphical interface. Operators configure and gather information about the system with the command line interface, or shell commands. Use the command ... Read More »

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How to Find a Mac Address on Ubuntu?

A media access control, or MAC, address is a unique address assigned to all network devices including modems, wireless network adapters and Internet-capable phones. Your computer software uses the... Read More »

How do I find an email server address?

Email ClientOpen your email program. Locate an email message that was sent from the email address you want to obtain server information for. Doube-click the message to open it. Click "View" from th... Read More »

How do i find dns server&router address in windows vista?

Bring up Command PromptClick "Start," "Run," type "cmd" into the run box and then click "OK." The command prompt window will open. In Windows Vista and 7 you can also type "command" into the search... Read More »

How do I set up an FTP server in Ubuntu?

Click "Applications," "Accessories," "Terminal." Type the following to automatically download and install the FTP server:sudo apt-get install vsftpdYou may be asked for your password. After the ins... Read More »