How to Find the Header Font Size?

Answer Headers are portions of Web pages that consist of the top of the page. At times, you may want to know the size of the header font to change it or to make sure all of the pages have the same size of... Read More »

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I want to make a master bedroom bigger which means opening up an exterior wall what size header?

A steal I-bean 12 ft is to wide a span to use a wood header. Opening a wall like this is a job for a licensed contractor. If you don't know exactly what your doing the house can come down on your h... Read More »

What is a font size?

A font size refers to the size of a typeface in terms of how many points it's made up of from the lowest descender to the highest ascender. For example, a size 12 font is made up of 12 points, whil... Read More »

How do i change font size in xp?

Change the SizeQuit or minimize any applications on the computer. Be sure that only the desktop is visible. Right-click the desktop of the computer. From the list of options select "Display Prop... Read More »

How do I increase font size?

Computer FontTo increase the font size you see on your computer's menus and displays, you will need to change your personal settings. Right-click your mouse on your computer's desktop and select th... Read More »