How to Find the Grade When Items Are Averaged?

Answer In many classes, the final grade a student achieves depends on a number of different assignments, each of which may be weighed differently by the instructor. For example, a single test may be worth... Read More »

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Would you say that I am averaged in weight?

That's normal/ healthyA BMI of 22.5 is in the mid-to-upper healthy weight category.A body fat % of 24.3 is normal for a woman.

Items Needed to Do a Fourth-Grade Science Project?

Experiments for fourth-graders should be focused on scientific laws or observations, but shouldn't delve too much into theoretical research. Fourth-grade students work on organizing, making observ... Read More »

Items to Help Prepare for the Standardized Test for Fourth Grade?

Standardized testing occurs in most public schools during the spring. These tests assess the needs of students and how well teachers are meeting these needs. While taking the tests can be nerve-wra... Read More »

How to Find Your Total Average by Using Your Current Grade With Your Final Exam Grade?

Typically, your final exam makes up a fixed percentage of your total grade. If you know your final exam grade and the percent of your total grade that it is, you can calculate your total average gr... Read More »