How to Find the Fourth Vertex of a Parallelogram?

Answer Parallelograms include squares, rectangles, rhombuses and rhomboids. If you know three vertices of a parallelogram, the fourth is easy to find. The vertex is exactly equal to the size of the angle ... Read More »

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How to Find the Coordinates of a Vertex in Vertex Form?

Finding a parabola's vertex sometimes requires no graphing and no math. Parabolas are expressed algebraically in quadratic equations, also termed parabolic. The two forms of parabolic equations are... Read More »

How to Find the Vertex of a Triangle?

Any three points in a given plane define a certain triangle. These three points form the vertices or corners of the triangle. A vertex can be accurately defined as a point where two edges of a shap... Read More »

How to Find the Vertex of a Graph on the TI-83?

The vertex is the critical point of a parabola, where it reaches either its minimal or maximal y-value, depending on the orientation of the parabola. Your TI-83 graphing calculator can find the ver... Read More »

How to Find the Vertex of an Angle?

Any two coplanar lines that aren't parallel will eventually meet at some point. This point forms the vertex of the angles between the lines. In some cases, the location of the vertex may be unknown... Read More »