How to Find the Faith to Endure Life's Storms According to the Bible?

Answer Here is the account of one storm found in Mark 4:35-41 concerning the life of Paul and how Jesus dealt with the disciples who were with Him. More than that there are key points relating to how we c... Read More »

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How to Use the Bible and Faith in God to Help Lose Weight?

Not Exactly like ThisA lot has been written about weight loss and most of these are based on bodily and mental exercises. In this method focused on advice from the Bible, you focus on the root caus... Read More »

Faith Based Bible Colleges in Alabama?

Alabama is one of several states located in the Bible Belt, that area of the southern United States that is known for its Christian faith. If you are interested in attending a bible college in Alab... Read More »

Would you accept that your organs would be used to save other people's lifes after you die?

Yes, and my family knows that's what I want, and have a sticker on my license stating that fact. My organs aren't going to do me any good after I'm dead, and if someone else can have a longer and/... Read More »

Do most parents that give up their kids and put them in adoption have good lifes afterwards?