How to Find the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower?

Answer Every year, the Eta (η) Aquarid meteor shower peaks around 5-6 May.[1] It is caused by the dust that has been left over from Comet Halley entering Earth's atmosphere, then vaporising.[2] It's some... Read More »

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How to See a Meteor Shower?

There are many different ways to see a meteor shower. The most important thing is; location, location, location.

How to Watch a Meteor Shower?

Anyone can watch a meteor shower from the comfort of their own backyard.Meteor showers are also known as "shooting stars" and they Originate when Earth passes near a comet's orbit and the debris pa... Read More »

How to Watch the Orionids Meteor Shower?

Orionid meteor (look closely)Every year in late October, our planet passes through debris left behind by Halley's Comet, and some of that debris turns into meteors. If you're at the right place at ... Read More »

How to Watch the Draconids Meteor Shower?

The debris from this comet is what results in the Draconids Meteor ShowerThe Draconids meteor shower occurs every year in early October, peaking between October 7-8 in 2009[1] when the Earth is pas... Read More »