How to Find the Equivalent for an Annual Annuity?

Answer An annual annuity pays you a designated amount of money each year either for a specific period of time, perhaps 20 years. Annual annuities are options given to you when you win a lottery, get a str... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Equivalent Annual Cost?

"Equivalent Annual Cost" is a term in business used to describe how much money per year an investment or asset costs the owner over the life span of that asset. For example, if an owner had an thre... Read More »

How to Calculate Annual Equivalent Rate?

The annual percentage rate is the rate charged for borrowing funds over a one-year time period. The rate is inclusive of fees and other transaction costs associated with the loan. The APR, or the a... Read More »

How to Calculate Annual Annuity Payments?

When you have an annuity, you invest money for a specific period of time and are guaranteed that the money will be returned with interest to you. You are essentially providing the bank with a loan ... Read More »

How to Find an Equivalent Percent?

A percent is a numerical value that represents the relationship of a part to a whole. An equivalent percent is a value that is equal to a particular fraction or decimal number. You might have to fi... Read More »