How to Find the Distributive Property in a Math Problem?

Answer The distributive property is a multiplication mathematical rule, learned in number sense units. This rule allows multiplication to distribute over addition to simplify mental math calculations and ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Distributive Property?

The distributive property is an algebraic property that can be used to simplify parenthetical math problems. In mathematical terms, the distributive property states that "a(b+c) = a(b) + a(c)." Usi... Read More »

How to Use the Distributive Property to Remove Parentheses?

The distributive property is one of the basic algebraic properties. This property allows you to multiply one number throughout an expression or equation to simplify the expression or equation. The ... Read More »

How to Use Distributive Property to Solve an Equation?

What's 15x4? You would probably use the simple way to solve it,you might just write it down and do the math! But If You use distributive property, you will find it so much easier to solve equations.

How to Solve Equations With the Distributive Property?

When solving equations, you may notice times when you have to combine or expand terms to proceed. The distributive property, which can be expressed by the relationship a(b + c) = ab + ac, helps mat... Read More »