How to Find the Digital Mode of PSK31 on the Amateur Radio Bands?

Answer PSK 31 DigiPan waterfallPSK 31: Hot new digital mode on the amateur radio bands.One of the most popular digital modes on the amateur radio bands is PSK 31. It is one of the easiest of modes to set ... Read More »

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Digital switchover portable tv/radio walkman: won't Sony add Digital TV signal to its radio?

I'm not sure who told you it will be too expensive, but it will definitely be a new design issue.An analog TV signal was actually two separate signals; an AM video signal and an FM audio signal. T... Read More »

How to Get an Amateur Radio License in the US?

Amateur Radio is a hobby that is enjoyed by millions of "hams" worldwide. Getting an Amateur Radio license in the US is as easy as getting a driver's license; Morse Code is no longer required. "Ham... Read More »

How to Call CQ on Amateur Radio?

Calling CQ on the Ham Bands means you want to talk to any station anywhere that might be listening. If you call CQ, be prepared for anyone to answer. You may get lucky and snag a foreign(DX)station... Read More »

Amateur Radio Emergency Communication?

Amateur radio operators have at their disposal some sizable chunks of radio spectrum in which to pursue their hobby. The reason they are allowed the use of this bandwidth is that ham radio is, firs... Read More »