How to Find the Difference Between Fractions?

Answer Fractions represent a part of a total number. For instance, 2/5 represents two parts out of a total of five parts and can also be written as 40 percent. The percentage is found by dividing the nume... Read More »

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Mathematical Difference Between Tessellations & Fractions?

Tessellations and fractions show up in different fields of mathematics and each one has its own uses and applications. They have many mathematical properties in common, but they also have many diff... Read More »

How to Find Patterns in Fractions?

In your early days of studying Algebra, lessons deal with both algebraic and geometric sequences. Identifying patterns is also a must in Algebra. When working with fractions, these patterns can be ... Read More »

How to Find a Fraction Between Two Fractions?

Some rules of fractional math were meant to be broken. A fraction is a value in two parts. Each part, the numerator or denominator, is an integer. The numerator is the fraction's top number, while ... Read More »

How to Find a Ratio Using Fractions?

You can use a ratio to compare two numbers or quantities, such as the number of spades to the number of diamonds in a deck of cards. You can write a ratio as two numbers separated by a colon, such ... Read More »