How to Find the Diameter of a Circle & Distance?

Answer The diameter of a circle is the distance between any two points on the circle's perimeter through the center of the circle. You can calculate the diameter of a circle based on other information you... Read More »

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How to Find the Distance Around a Circle?

Whether you are trying to determine the size of your wedding ring or how far your bicycle travels in one turn of the wheel, you will be looking for the circumference of, or distance around, a circl... Read More »

How to Divide a Circle in Three & Find the Distance?

Knowing just a few basic geometric principles can help you conquer nearly any geometry problem. To divide a circle into three and find the distance of each section, you only have to know two differ... Read More »

How to Find the Distance of a Circle With a Calculator?

A circle is a shape in a plane in which every point on it is equidistant from the center. Knowing the radius or diameter of the circle, you can use a calculator to calculate the circumference. The ... Read More »

How to Find the Distance Between Two Points on a Circle?

The study of geometry requires you to deal with angles and their relation to other measurements, such as distance. When looking at straight lines, calculating the distance between two points is str... Read More »