How to Find the Diagonal of an Octagon?

Answer Octagons, similar to other polygons, consist of simpler polygons added together. A regular octagon, which has eight equal sides, contains five squares and four regular triangles. Determining the le... Read More »

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How to Find the Perimeter of a Regular Octagon?

The perimeter of any object is equal to the length of all the sides added together. In the case of an octagon, you add the length of each of the eight sides together to find the perimeter. If you d... Read More »

Where can you find floor plans for octagon homes?

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How to Find the Diagonal of a Rectangle?

Have you ever had to solve for the length of the diagonal in a rectangle or a square, given the length of its two sides? It's fairly easily to figure out using Pythagorea's formula, and this articl... Read More »

How to Find the Length of a Diagonal?

Diagonals of a square or a rectangle can help you to find the area of a rectangle or square and give you the distance between two corners of a rectangle or square. However, you will need to calcula... Read More »