How to Find the Dell Battery Part Number?

Answer Many people trade a standard computer workstation for the portability of a laptop, but the convenience a laptop provides often relies on the strength of the battery. Laptop batteries last between 1... Read More »

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How to Disassemble Dell Part Number XD757?

The Dell XD757 power supply is not designed to be opened. However, if you have a little electronics experience, it is possible to gain access to the inside of the sealed black box and make repairs... Read More »

What is the Dell Optiplex GX280 power supply part number?

The Dell Optilex GX280 tower comes with 250- and 310-watt power supplies manufactured by StarTech. Due to the Optilex's age, only an upgraded 350 watt version is now available. Its part number is "... Read More »

How to Find Percentages for One Number as Part of Another Number?

The percentage of one value as part of another is related to both the fraction and the decimal. Its fractional similarity is that the problem is set up as a ratio between the two numbers; its decim... Read More »

How to Find a Part of a Whole Number?

Trying to find part of a whole number can mean either one of two processes: finding the percentage equivalent given a particular portion amount or finding the equivalent decimal amount given a spec... Read More »