How to Find the Degree of Angles With Only Measurements?

Answer A three-sided polygon ought to be called a trigon, but for some reason in English the name "triangle" caught on instead, emphasizing the angles rather than the sides. Of course, in similar polygons... Read More »

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How to Cut Hair at 90-Degree Angles?

For a fashionable look that creates depth and movement to your hair, cut it at 90-degree angles. This is a technique used by stylists, commonly known as layering. The hair is pulled from the head a... Read More »

How to Cut 45-Degree Angles in Laminate Countertops?

Cutting a 45-degree angle in a laminate countertop will allow you to create a corner in your kitchen counter. It's not any different than cutting a 90-degree angle on a laminate countertop. A bit o... Read More »

How to Make Certain Angles on 90 Degree Pipe Fittings?

Pipe fittings -- also known as couplings -- are available in many types, whether installing sewer pipe, CPVC water lines or copper water lines. They can be angled (30-, 45-, 60-, 90-degree and stra... Read More »

How to Find the Sum of Angles?

One of the ways to classify a polygon is through the sum of its angles. The sum of a polygon's angles is the combined amount of its interior angles. Just as each type of polygon has a definite numb... Read More »