How to Find the Date of a PDF Presentation?

Answer With so many PDF presentations being released by organizations, it can be difficult to know if the information is outdated. Knowing the date the presentation was created helps resolve this situatio... Read More »

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How can you help your friend find her biological mother with all you have to go by is the name Priscilla Hunt General Hospital Jamestown NY birth date 121960 and adoption date 122560?

How to Find Which Day Comes on a Particular Date?

Working out which day comes on a particular date is possible due to a mathematical formula known as Zeller's rule. Using Zeller's rule, you can work out the day of the week by using the numbers of ... Read More »

How do I find out the date of my divorce?

Check your divorce papers for a quick reference of your divorce date. If the divorce records are not available, go to the County Court Records Office or the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the county... Read More »

How to Find a Goth Guy to Date?

Hey goth gal! Why so sad? Uh huh. I see. So you just can't find the right guy for you. All of them aren't goth and can't accept the fact that YOU are goth. Find a goth guy who likes you for who you... Read More »