How to Find the Correct Wire Connector Nut Size?

Answer While doing electrical work it is important that the connections are safe and secure. Wire nuts are insulated plastic connectors with a metal coil that are twisted onto the bare, or stripped, ends ... Read More »

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How to Find the Correct Fuel Pump Size?

At one time or another you might be placed in the difficult position of having to assess or do some kind of maintenance on your car. If you're lucky maybe you won't, but it is always a good thing t... Read More »

How to Take Apart a Wire Harness Connector?

Wire harness connector variations are next to limitless. Each style of two-sided connector that allows you to disassemble the electrical harness independent of an appliance will incorporate a devic... Read More »

How to Wire a 5 Connector Relay?

A five connector automotive relay, generally used to operate accessories that draw more than 30 amps, connects through a pre-wired relay socket. One side of the coil goes to ground and the other si... Read More »

How do I Wire a Cat 3 to an RJ14 Connector?

Category-3, also known as "Cat-3," is a type of network cable that was popularly used in the early 1990s, but since the early 2000s most new structured cable installations are built with Cat 5e or ... Read More »