How to Find the Correct Spelling of a Word Using Morrison’s Spelling‐Buddy System?

Answer English language spelling is challenging because of the many languages it is based on. Twenty-six years ago, Marvin L. Morrison devised an easy-to-learn system that enables its users to find any of... Read More »

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How to Figure Out the Correct Spelling of a Word?

Do you have a word that you just can't seem to figure out how to spell it? This article will tell you the many ways to figure out how to spell that word!

Is hypothesised the correct spelling for UK English?

The American spelling is "hypothesized," while the UK spelling is "hypothesised." Many words that have a final "ze" in American English have a final "se" in UK English. There are many other spellin... Read More »

Need correct spelling for sandwich place?

You are probably thinking of Schlotzsky's. Started in Austin back in the early 70s.

How much liquid for 1 cup cus cus is required. I do not know if I am spelling it correct.?

The ratio is generally 1.25 to 1 (liquid to couscous). So for 1 cup couscous, 1 1/4 cups liquid