How to Find the Correct BTU Rating when Buying a Garage Heater?

Answer Ever been baffled by BTU ratings, and wondered what rating you need when buying a garage heater? Read on...

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How to Find the Correct Spring for an Overhead Garage Door?

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How big of a heater do I need to heat my garage?

On One Hand: Rough EstimateTake the volume of the garage you wish to heat, then multiply it by the temperature change you wish to induce, then multiply that by 0.133 to get the size in BTUs. For ex... Read More »

How big of a propane heater is needed for a two car garage?

Save energy--and money--by selecting the right size of a propane heater for your two-car garage. Consider a few simple factors to ensure that you choose the correct-size heater to fulfill your need... Read More »

Is it rude to stay in the garage while techs do their work on my water heater?

Tell the truth, I bet the tachs had nice butts? That's why you like to watch!!!