How to Find the Coordinates of a Vertex in Vertex Form?

Answer Finding a parabola's vertex sometimes requires no graphing and no math. Parabolas are expressed algebraically in quadratic equations, also termed parabolic. The two forms of parabolic equations are... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Third Vertex From Two Coordinates of a Triangle?

Any three points on a plane define a unique triangle. From two known points, an infinite number of triangles can be formed simply by arbitrarily choosing one of the infinitely many points on the pl... Read More »

How to Convert a Standard Form Quadratic Equation to a Vertex Form?

A quadratic equation is a parabolic equation and can have two general forms. The vertex form, where y equals a * (x - h)^2 + k, is named so because the vertex is given as the variables h and k. The... Read More »

How to Convert an Equation Into Vertex Form?

Parabola equations are written in the standard form of y=ax^2+bx+c. This form can tell you if the parabola opens up or down and, with a simple calculation, can tell you what the axis of symmetry is... Read More »

How to Convert to a Vertex Form Using a Graphing Calculator?

The graph of a quadratic equation is a parabola or U-shape. Depending on whether the parabola opens up or down, it has a minimum or maximum value. In either case, the minimum or maximum spot is cal... Read More »