How to Find the Coordinates of a Hole in a Graph?

Answer Rational equations are those that have the variable x in the denominator. These types of functions have what are called discontinuities. Nonremovable discontinuities are vertical asymptotes, invisi... Read More »

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How to Graph Pictures Using Coordinates?

When teaching students how to use a graph, it is difficult just showing them how to find coordinates and plot them on the X and Y axis. Instead, give them a specific task to do and make it fun for ... Read More »

How to Graph Equations, Linear Equations, Coordinates and Functions?

Some high school math courses require students to be proficient in using a graphic calculator. Many classes ask that students purchase a Texas Instruments calculator such as a TI-83, TI-84 Plus or ... Read More »

How to Find Map Coordinates?

Locations on maps are measured by what are known as map coordinates. The way that you find a map coordinate is by reading the degree measurement of the intersection where the two lines cross over a... Read More »

How to Find Coordinates in Maps?

In geography, places and locations are measured by their latitude and longitude, or map coordinates. Latitude measures the angular distance of a location either north or south of the equator. Lon... Read More »